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This is for the expressed use for TCA, Inc. registrations only, and can be printed out for that use by anyone wishing to register a cat, kitten, or litter in TCA, Inc.

The TCA Cattery Inspection Program was developed to maintain the welfare of the cats, and to define a level of acceptable integrity of all TCA affiliated Catteries. There are minimum levels of cattery operational performance that must be met. Special recognition is provided for higher levels of performance. Once we have ensured the welfare of the cats, it is important to ensure the level of service provided to the future owners of these cats. It is a distinguished and earned privilege to pass this inspection. Each cattery that passes will receive an attractive certificate that can be displayed with pride.


TCA offers, to TCA registered catteries, a "TCA Approved Cattery Inspection Program". Any TCA registered cattery in good standing may participate in this VOLUNTARY program.

Inspections are to be conducted by licensed Veterinarians using the TCA inspection form (in triplicate) that is sent directly to the selected Veterinarian prior to the inspection.

To maintain up to date certificates, TCA, Inc. recommends that inspections be conducted on an annual basis. Approval is revocable in the event of deterioration in the conditions or care. TCA accepts no responsibility for the condition or care of cats or kittens sold from the premises based on the cattery owner’s possession of the rating, due to lack of control over the cattery between inspections. However, any complaint against an "Approved" cattery concerning animal abuse/neglect will be investigated. All un-inspected catteries will be required to be inspected after two formal written complaints of the condition or care of cats or kittens have been filed against them, or they will no longer be listed on the TCA Breeders List.

After the inspection, the Veterinarian inspector will return two copies of the completed form to TCA, while the inspector keeps one copy. After processing, the cattery owner will be mailed a copy of the completed form and informed if the cattery has passed or failed.


The fee for participation in this program is $20.00, payable to TCA, Inc. prior to forms being mailed to the identified Veterinarian. Cattery owners are responsible for all Veterinarian fees.


A cattery passing the inspection with an average score of 2.0 or greater is eligible to receive the TCA Approved Cattery certificate, stating the cattery is an approved TCA cattery. The certificate also displays the TCA logo, the signature of the TCA representative, the date of inspection and the renewal date.


A cattery that receives a rating of 3.1 or higher is eligible to "TCA Cattery of Excellence". Catteries that receive this represent the outstanding examples of TCA catteries. These catteries receive a similar certificate as the TCA Approved Cattery, but it indicates the TCA Supreme Cattery of

Excellence. There is no extra charge for this rating, and all aspects of the program are the same as for the TCA Approved Cattery.

Those catteries that pass this program will have their rating listed in BOLD letters below their address on our Breeders Lists, which are a part of our Kitten Referral Service.


A cattery that does not meet the requirements for receiving the TCA Approved Cattery rating may request another inspection at any time. We have followed the Description of an Ideal Cattery as a guide for the novice and the experienced breeder alike.


Cattery Inspection Program  - Review the description and apply for the program it's that simple! We have written a description of the Ideal Cattery to help you along the road to a healthy cattery. 


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